About the Artist


Its a pleasure to have you viewing my site. I consider it an honor that my creations could contribute to your home or office space. My inspiration begins with COLOR, followed by mood and texture.

My specialty is custom commissions.

I find it so gratifying to assist my clients to place the ideas in their mind, on their wall. I help them to consider every detail from color palette, size, mood, texture, subject, and composition.

I am so passionate about the arts, and feel that the right art piece can truly be healing and life altering.

This is what art continually does for me and my life.

After accepting a college tennis scholarship at BYU, injury as well as health concerns shortened my time on the court. I turned to healing through the arts at BYU where I finished my Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in painting.

“There is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill, something you are to do which no one else can do.”

— Plato